Monday, March 11, 2013

Infantino Fresh Squeezed System Review

So we all know I won the system but now I've had some time to use it I wanted to tell you all about it. I started this evening making Carter some food. For dinner, he had acorn squash and bananas and I prepped some kale and carrots too. I made the squash and carrots the traditional way steaming it on the stove. The bananas and kale were made in the Steam n Smush bowl.

The microwave safe steamer was very easy to use but one big complaint is that it comes with absolutely no instructions. I'm really not even sure how much water I was supposed to add nor how long to cook anything. I think I set it up right but who knows!? It also seems like the steam bowl sits in the water instead of above it like I would expect. The stay cool handle works and is cool when removing from the microwave. The smush portion is easy to use and fits great in the bowl so you can grind by hand many of the softer items. I was able to prepare the bananas entirely this way. At only $10.99 ( this is something I would definitely buy but come on Infantino... INSTRUCTIONS!!

The peppy puree is very similar to any mini chopper. I already had one at home and began pureeing the food with it first. The kale was really hard to get to a smooth texture so I added water to make the right concoction. Apparently my mixer was meant to be used with dry items only so the water leaked out immediately. I switched to the peppy puree system and it easily handled the soupy mix. In the end I pureed kale a difficult vegetable pretty simply. If you don't already own one, the peppy puree is a great little mixer.

Okay so if you've read this far you're probably considering how the actual exciting product works.. the fresh squeezed squeeze station. In short, it's awesome. It has a few quirks but overall is great. One of the complaints is that when you're plunging the food into the pouches, air can get trapped and when you pull the plunger out a vacuum can form pulling out some of the food. This is easily solved with a little wiggle action on the plunger. Also, there is a little waste with the system. You can't completely plunge all the food into the packets and some remains between the plunger and the top of the pouch. Not much waste but some.

The disposable pouches are perfect and just like the commercially available ones. The spoon attachments fit great and even little Carter eats easily off of them. They pack up easily and keep feeding neat and clean when on the go. Nolan is a huge fan of the reusable pouch and I imagine once Carter is bigger I'll be purchasing one for him too.

I'm so glad we won this system and if you were considering it but not quite sure, I bet you won't be disappointed!!