Thursday, June 27, 2013

Total randomness from my day...

Today in my inbox I had two emails from Living Social (like Groupon). One was for shark fishing and the other for breathing classes. Really?? Is this the best they can do? First off, there is no reason anyone needs to be fishing for shark whatsoever. I want to boycott them simply for offering this. As for the breathing classes, I've got that one covered already. Heck even my ten month old doesn't need lessons on that!!

Today I chopped down a tree with a sawzall. I also pumped gas in a bikini. I'm really living the redneck life at the moment. At least I was near our old house and far away from our current place and very unlikely to run into anyone I know!

Nolan's book we read before bedtime ended with the phrase "Maybe someday you can build a real working boat or raft." He immediately said "Not without my daddy!"  Such a sweet kid!!

Besides pomeranians and chihuahuas, today we added kittens to the list of things Carter is scared of. Germand shepherds, labradors, and all dogs over 60lbs are just fine though.

Angelcare Giveaway!!

Bloggers if you're interested in helping promote your blog and a free giveaway checkout this info below. Moms you'll for sure want to get in on this giveaway once it opens. We love our Angelcare monitor and I can't imagine sleeping without it!! Nolan used it until he went to his big boy bed at 2.5 and Carter is now using it still. 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Coolest fort ever

A fort through the eyes of a three year old. 

This is such an amazing age!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Haircut!!

Carter's hair is so very long that we took the plunge and got it trimmed today when Nolan went in for his cut!! C did amazing.

We use a local kids salon called Kidz Cuts and they are so patient and great with the boys. Carter followed in his brother's footsteps and sat still and was patient!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zoo Time!!

I went with the family down to Jacksonville's Riverside Art's Market yesterday for their kid's day fun. This market is awesome and a weekly event here in Jax almost year round. There are local arts and crafts vendors and my favorite the food and produce ones! I'm all stocked up with brussels sprouts, yes I actually eat them now, and some zipper peas, no idea what those taste like yet. While Nolan was trying to coax dad into taking him to the bounce houses, yes he eventually did, I was checking out the kid friendly vendors.

One booth we stopped at was Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry. They were giving away free toothbrushes to all the kids including this awesome one for infants I had never seen. It has an easy to hold handle and Carter thinks it hilarious on his 4, almost 6 now, teeth! They also had a huge jar of jelly belly beans for everyone to guess the amount. I asked Nolan for his input on how many beans he thought were there. I decided to forgo using his pick, 4, and instead did a rough count/guess and went with 1,236. The winner would win a family membership to the Jacksonville Zoo. We were membership holders for years until we moved last summer. Then, the cost of both gas and the bigger membership we needed now that Nolan was over 3 meant a big increase so we held off renewing and have missed the zoo since Carter's birth.

Right before bed, I checked my email one more time and guess what I saw? An email telling me I had won!!! I was exactly 40 off from the total and was the closest. Woo hoo. We already had plans to go to the zoo Monday ironically so now I'm picking up our new year long membership and so excited.

Check out Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry if you're looking for children's dentist in the Riverside, Avondale, or Ortega area. Before winning the giveaway I had already "liked" their facebook page and was curious about this new practice in town. I've heard great things from my Fruitful Vine mom's group and wish them great success! Thanks for making my boys so happy.