Thursday, June 27, 2013

Total randomness from my day...

Today in my inbox I had two emails from Living Social (like Groupon). One was for shark fishing and the other for breathing classes. Really?? Is this the best they can do? First off, there is no reason anyone needs to be fishing for shark whatsoever. I want to boycott them simply for offering this. As for the breathing classes, I've got that one covered already. Heck even my ten month old doesn't need lessons on that!!

Today I chopped down a tree with a sawzall. I also pumped gas in a bikini. I'm really living the redneck life at the moment. At least I was near our old house and far away from our current place and very unlikely to run into anyone I know!

Nolan's book we read before bedtime ended with the phrase "Maybe someday you can build a real working boat or raft." He immediately said "Not without my daddy!"  Such a sweet kid!!

Besides pomeranians and chihuahuas, today we added kittens to the list of things Carter is scared of. Germand shepherds, labradors, and all dogs over 60lbs are just fine though.

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