Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sippy Time!

Nolan has never been very good at sucking on anything other than his momma! He does take a pacifier but it took searching through every brand and some persistence on my part to get him to latch on to the pacifier which I can take away versus his thumb. As a newborn, in addition to actual breastfeeding, we pumped for the first few days and then used a tiny syringe tube laid next to my finger and inserted into his mouth to stimulate a better suck reflex. He figured out pretty fast how to get food from me but even so he usually only sucks a few times, waits until the milk is free flowing and squirting, then just swallows instead of actively drinking.

All of this has led to a baby that does not take a bottle. I've tried every brand and he has only taken the bottle twice (from his daddy) and each time it was less than an ounce. I've pretty much stopped trying and pumping because it is a waste of time but it would be nice to know he can eat without me present.

His pedi. suggested a sippy cup so I found one while out and about the other day. They actually make some with the nipple piece that is for 3+ month old babies so we got one of those and then the next size too. I tried it out myself and was disappointed to find out that it takes quite a bit of suction. Darn the no spill feature!! I need it to spill into his mouth slowly or it won't really work!

The past few days especially Nolan has been massively teething and showing interest in everything I put in my mouth including cans and cups. Today on his 5 mo. birthday I decided to try him with a sippy cup.

I figured I'd post the picture before I post the end result because it looks like he figured it all out which he did not. Nolan loves his new teether with the nice rubber mouthpiece and handles but he isn't so sure about the filling it with liquids part. I don't think he managed to suck even a single drop.

Oh well.....I wonder if they let you bring your mom with you on the first day of school for milk at snack time. Just kidding...I know he is still tiny and don't want him to grow up that fast but it would be nice not to be the buffet 24/7!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Messy Times!

Nolan has never been an extreme pooper. In fact, he is quite the opposite. I spent lots of time in the early days of Nolan’s life calling the pediatrician and using the thermometer trick. In the end, I came to realize that he just doesn’t poop much and no matter what any baby book said he was happy healthy and eating just fine. Up until recently, normal was once every 7 to 10 days. The last few weeks he has been going two to three times a week.

I’ve always heard from my "mom" friends about the explosive baby poo. The worst I’d seen to date was when the thermometer trick worked before I even got the diaper back on. It wasn’t explosive but needless to say I had to change his crib sheets.

Now we jump forward to Nolan at about 5 months old. He is practicing sitting now but isn’t very fond of it so we use his Bumbo to let him be upright which he is fond of. I’ve tried to explain to him that he has to learn to sit if he wants to be upright playing with his toys but he feels me holding him upright does the trick just fine!

Yesterday, Nolan was in his Bumbo when I heard the tell-tale sign that he needed his diaper changed. I gave him a minute then grabbed him from his Bumbo. Let’s just say being squished into the foamy Bumbo and sitting upright isn’t a great combo for explosive, liquidy baby poo! Seriously the inside of his diaper was almost spotless but his entire back and outfit definitely was not!

An emergency bath was in order and it included me holding him one handed while running the tub water. I couldn’t lay him in his baby tub or he’d be sloshing in poo water so I held him under the running tap while he laughed and squirmed! At least the kid loves water!

The whole ordeal was pretty hilarious and since this is the first time we’ve had poo leak out I consider us doing pretty well. I documented the cleanup process so hubby who was out of town for the fun times could see just how messy his son could be. After the bath, I decided to let his hair do its own thing so everyone who thinks his hair looks wild in pictures I post AFTER I’ve tamed it for the day can see what I’m up against.

WARNING!! If you’re disgusted by baby messes read no further. If you need some birth control and don’t like body fluids look below!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Prefold Folding 101

Here is the basic way we put on our prefold diapers. We have not had any blowouts with this technique.

1. Lay prefold out flat.

2. Fold right third toward center

3. Fold left third toward center

4. Place baby on diaper with center of bottom in the middle

5. Fold up front to cover baby

6. If needed based on prefold size, fold down the front panel for fit.

7. If needed based on prefold size, undo front right and left folds to make inner tabs. The back tabs in steps 8 and 9 will go over these.

8. Unfold right back tab

9. Pull right tab up to front of diaper and secure with one side of snappi

10. Pull left tab up to front of diaper and secure with one side of snappi

11. Secure center/lower snappi clasp

In reality, I complete the first 3 steps as I pull the prefold from its drawer. I then lift my baby’s legs and place the folded diaper under him as seen in step four. This is exactly like one would do with a disposable. Step 7 is usually necessary as the baby grows toward the upper end of the prefold size (i.e. gets larger).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Checking in...

Nolan and I are getting into the routine of our everyday life. Tim has been travelling consistently since the beginning of February and the dogs have finally adjusted. They don’t spend every night lying by the back door and reacting to every noise as if it is Tim walking in.

Nolan and I have been going to baby playgroups for socialization. So far, he has been the youngest baby there. It is fun to see so many babies staggered in age and it really lets me know what to expect next!

Nolan is working hard on rolling from his back to front. Right now he is getting his back arched and his head turned and about halfway there. He is also starting to practice sitting. I don’t think he’ll be doing it anytime soon on his own though, as he isn’t a big fan of bending in the middle. Nolan likes to stand… straight up… or lay down... also straight.

We went to his four month appointment and he is up to 12 lbs. 15 oz. and 24.5" long. He is pretty small on the growth curves but those curves aren't for breastfed babies exclusively. Also, both Tim and I were pretty small as kids and didn't get to our adult heights until later in life. He is a happy, healthy, and small little boy!!