Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sippy Time!

Nolan has never been very good at sucking on anything other than his momma! He does take a pacifier but it took searching through every brand and some persistence on my part to get him to latch on to the pacifier which I can take away versus his thumb. As a newborn, in addition to actual breastfeeding, we pumped for the first few days and then used a tiny syringe tube laid next to my finger and inserted into his mouth to stimulate a better suck reflex. He figured out pretty fast how to get food from me but even so he usually only sucks a few times, waits until the milk is free flowing and squirting, then just swallows instead of actively drinking.

All of this has led to a baby that does not take a bottle. I've tried every brand and he has only taken the bottle twice (from his daddy) and each time it was less than an ounce. I've pretty much stopped trying and pumping because it is a waste of time but it would be nice to know he can eat without me present.

His pedi. suggested a sippy cup so I found one while out and about the other day. They actually make some with the nipple piece that is for 3+ month old babies so we got one of those and then the next size too. I tried it out myself and was disappointed to find out that it takes quite a bit of suction. Darn the no spill feature!! I need it to spill into his mouth slowly or it won't really work!

The past few days especially Nolan has been massively teething and showing interest in everything I put in my mouth including cans and cups. Today on his 5 mo. birthday I decided to try him with a sippy cup.

I figured I'd post the picture before I post the end result because it looks like he figured it all out which he did not. Nolan loves his new teether with the nice rubber mouthpiece and handles but he isn't so sure about the filling it with liquids part. I don't think he managed to suck even a single drop.

Oh well.....I wonder if they let you bring your mom with you on the first day of school for milk at snack time. Just kidding...I know he is still tiny and don't want him to grow up that fast but it would be nice not to be the buffet 24/7!!

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  1. Yes, please don't go to kindergarten with him. There's a true story of a little kid playing soccer at a young age and at "half time" or break his mom fed him in the car.