Thursday, March 18, 2010

Messy Times!

Nolan has never been an extreme pooper. In fact, he is quite the opposite. I spent lots of time in the early days of Nolan’s life calling the pediatrician and using the thermometer trick. In the end, I came to realize that he just doesn’t poop much and no matter what any baby book said he was happy healthy and eating just fine. Up until recently, normal was once every 7 to 10 days. The last few weeks he has been going two to three times a week.

I’ve always heard from my "mom" friends about the explosive baby poo. The worst I’d seen to date was when the thermometer trick worked before I even got the diaper back on. It wasn’t explosive but needless to say I had to change his crib sheets.

Now we jump forward to Nolan at about 5 months old. He is practicing sitting now but isn’t very fond of it so we use his Bumbo to let him be upright which he is fond of. I’ve tried to explain to him that he has to learn to sit if he wants to be upright playing with his toys but he feels me holding him upright does the trick just fine!

Yesterday, Nolan was in his Bumbo when I heard the tell-tale sign that he needed his diaper changed. I gave him a minute then grabbed him from his Bumbo. Let’s just say being squished into the foamy Bumbo and sitting upright isn’t a great combo for explosive, liquidy baby poo! Seriously the inside of his diaper was almost spotless but his entire back and outfit definitely was not!

An emergency bath was in order and it included me holding him one handed while running the tub water. I couldn’t lay him in his baby tub or he’d be sloshing in poo water so I held him under the running tap while he laughed and squirmed! At least the kid loves water!

The whole ordeal was pretty hilarious and since this is the first time we’ve had poo leak out I consider us doing pretty well. I documented the cleanup process so hubby who was out of town for the fun times could see just how messy his son could be. After the bath, I decided to let his hair do its own thing so everyone who thinks his hair looks wild in pictures I post AFTER I’ve tamed it for the day can see what I’m up against.

WARNING!! If you’re disgusted by baby messes read no further. If you need some birth control and don’t like body fluids look below!

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