Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Checking in...

Nolan and I are getting into the routine of our everyday life. Tim has been travelling consistently since the beginning of February and the dogs have finally adjusted. They don’t spend every night lying by the back door and reacting to every noise as if it is Tim walking in.

Nolan and I have been going to baby playgroups for socialization. So far, he has been the youngest baby there. It is fun to see so many babies staggered in age and it really lets me know what to expect next!

Nolan is working hard on rolling from his back to front. Right now he is getting his back arched and his head turned and about halfway there. He is also starting to practice sitting. I don’t think he’ll be doing it anytime soon on his own though, as he isn’t a big fan of bending in the middle. Nolan likes to stand… straight up… or lay down... also straight.

We went to his four month appointment and he is up to 12 lbs. 15 oz. and 24.5" long. He is pretty small on the growth curves but those curves aren't for breastfed babies exclusively. Also, both Tim and I were pretty small as kids and didn't get to our adult heights until later in life. He is a happy, healthy, and small little boy!!

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