Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cloth Diapering 101 - Part Two

Sizing Diapers

Many of the above listed diaper types are available in both sized and one-sized versions. Sized diapers offer a trimmer diaper but can only be used for limited periods. This can be more expensive when accumulating an adequate stash of diapers. One size diapers usually have snaps or Velcro across the front which allows one to adjust the rise of the diaper. They usually fit babies once they reach 10lbs so smaller newborns will require additional diapers until they reach this weight (prefolds and covers are perfect for this).

How many diapers?

Each baby is unique but newborns can be expected to need diaper changes 10 to 12 times a day. Most manufacturers recommend washing diapers every other day to avoid accumulation of odors and setting in of stains. Two to three dozen newborn prefolds and 3-4 covers are adequate for a newborn household which will wash every second or third day. Covers contain a waterproof layer on the inside which can be wiped off between diapering and reused until soiled.

Velcro vs. Snaps

As an expectant mom researching cloth diapers I was convinced I preferred snap diapers. They continue to look brand new after many washes and unlike Velcro they do not collect hair and lint in the process. As a mom to a newborn though, Velcro became a great feature. The Velcro allows the diaper to be adjusted at any given increment unlike a snap diaper which is preset. I personally am willing to give up a little in the looks factor and to clean Velcro in order to have well fitting diapers. A well fitting diaper is less likely to leak.

Personal Favorites

Newborn size – Chinese unbleached prefolds with covers. Preferred covers are ProWrap for price, durability, ease of cleaning, and fit.
Over 10lbs – Chinese unbleached prefolds with covers. Preferred covers are
ProWrap and Thirsities. BumGenius brand OneSize diapers. These are a
pocket diaper which come with two inserts.

I personally prefer diapers which are one-size (except of course prefolds which are sized but have a much larger range). I used FuzziBuns sized pockets and they were absorbent and worked well. Again, because of the limited time each of these diapers could be used and the fact that I would need to purchase more diapers as my son grows, I will stick with BumGenius OneSize in the future. The prices of the two are similar and one has a much larger life span.

There are other variations on the above diapers but they function much the same with only pattern differences. Knowing the above information though will make understanding these other types much easier!

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