Monday, May 25, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

I finally remembered to post my meal plan and low and behold it's actually a Monday!! I always think about it on Thursday or some random mid-week day. My meal plans have actually gotten even more complex with lunches and more weekend meals as we're knee deep in making our new house a home and running out to eat all weekend cuts down on how much we get done. Here ya go!!

Also as always I use recipes for starting points. I modify them based on availability of ingredients, cost of ingredients and special diets. You can easily do the same and turn even an unhealthy looking meal into something usable!!

    Bratwursts and homemade potato salad

    PF Chang's style Chicken Lettuce Wraps with fresh asian spiced green beans and rice

    Tropical Pork Roast

    lunch – Pepperoni Crescent Roll-ups 

    lunch - Han-n-Cheese Pockets 
    dinner – Chicken Curry (red)

    lunch – Quesadillas (chicken and black beans)

    Enchiladas Verdes w/ spanish rice


Tropical Pork Roast
   This a great spin on a classic roast and the tropical flavors make it great for summer time too. I use whichever cut of pork roast is on sale and place directly in the crockpot. Cook on low for 6+hours with potatoes (cut) and carrots. For the flavor, we love Weber brand "Just Add Juice" marinades. They are available in the same area as taco seasoning packets in most grocers and only ~$1 a pack. 

Enchiladas Verdes
   Hubby loves the verdes sauce I make. It's very simple. Purchase tomatillos and boil whole until well cooked. Add half an onion and jalapeno or poblano before boiling if you'd like a little spice. Drain and place all contents int a blender. Add salt and pepper to taste, a tsp or more depending on your preference of Cumin and mix. Wah-la!! It's great with crackpot cooked chicken breast served in corn tortillas. Flour tortillas seem to flatten out the flavor so go with corn!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let Mom Sleep!!

Three rowdy boys, one of whom is under 4 months old means I'm not getting much sleep around here. That being said I was excited to try out the Let Mom Sleep Party and see the new Dearfoams Slipper line and try the Beddit Sleep Monitor.

The new Dearfoams line of slippers is very trendy with bright and bold colors and as comfortable as always! I LOVED the lavender and blue color lines. They have styles for everyone inkling flip flop, moccasin, ballet slipper, and more. Their sizing is easy to understand and ranges up to even the largest sizes!! You can get your own Dearfoams slippers at Kohls, Walmart, or Amazon!

Now onto Beddit. You're probably wondering what exactly it is. The Beddit Sleep Monitor tracks a person's gross movement which correlates to restful periods of sleep. It connects wirelessly to your phone and has an app you use. There is nothing to wear to collect this data. It's placed onto your mattress. Beddit then measures your breathing rhythm, heart rate, motion and even snoring!You are provided with tips to improve sleep too! I've been recording my sleep since we moved into our new place so check back in a few weeks to see my actual sleep monitoring experience!!