Cloth Diaper Info

As I'm sure you know, we use and love cloth diapers. Since I send lots of people to my blog for cloth info, I've compiled my cloth posts and info on this one page. Here are posts that discuss cloth. I began using cloth in 2009 when Nolan was born and have had a kiddo in cloth ever since!

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My absolute favorite diaper: It changes all the time! I love one size pocket diapers because of their adjustability and customization. Prints that are cute and vibrant colors are a must. Currently my very favorite is my Tender Tushies (TT) berry blue solid color diapers. The solid color TT's have a slight stretch to the PUL which seems very comfortable. I love the vibrant look of the blue too. I love Bumgenius 4.0 with Nolan but after being used with him they are no longer as durable and I have leak issues with them on Carter now.

Favorite newborn diaper system: Prefolds with ProRap covers. I used 2 dozen prefolds and 5 newborn sized covers. Infant sized are the most versatile but if you have small babies and extra money a dozen of the newborn are super cute and will work for the first 1-2 weeks. Avoid Gerber prefolds you find in store and purchase an actual cloth diaper prefold from a reliable diaper company for maximum absorbancy. Indian unbleached or Chinese unbleached are our favorites. ProRap the actual company often sells seconds on their covers for very cheap. To talk to them about this call (360) 699-5403 (in Washington State) or (800) 397-8594. The seconds are just as durable and great. FCF carries all-in-one newborn sized diapers that work amazing for birth up to around 12 pounds. 

Our nighttime leak-proof solution: On Nolan up until around 18 months we used a BumGenius 4.0 stuffed with normal insert and a BabyKicks Joey-Bunz hemp insert (large). Then we moved to Kawaii Goodnights. They were fool proof for a while but at around 2.5 even they started wicking and leaking at night. We started using Tender Tushies new Heavy Wetters which have double thick PUL, a tummy band, a bamboo/microfiber blend insert PLUS a bamboo booster. They are very affordable too! For Carter we do a heavy wetter double stuffed plus a fleece soaker/cover over it. The fleece absorbs any leaks and keeps him feeling dry and sleep. They are great, easy to make, and affordable if you buy.

Avoid at all costs: Coolababy diapers from Ebay (also sold locally sometimes under different names) They will not hold up to even one cycle in the drier. My coop cartoon and other similar styles while cute aren't very functional. They do hold up in the wash at least but they tend to leak after each time baby goes.

Wash routine: With new top loaders: Short regular cycle on cold followed by super sized longest cycle with extra rinse at end. I add detergent after the first short cycle. I now separate inserts and covers but store together in pail and wash together. I've used Ecover powder detergent and my own homemade detergent (see links above) with great results. I tend to switch up which detergent I use every few months. 

With our HE front loader: Once my son turned 2 I started to rinse the inserts by hand in the bath tub before placing them in the washing machine. This meant fewer wash cycles and much cleaner diapers! Hot rinse, longest HE cycle which ends with second rinse. I used to add more water to washing machine through detergent door once the cycle started. This was only necessary for me if I don't rinse the inserts before putting them in the wash. I only washed every 5 to 7 days.

Strip method: Overnight soak with RLR followed by a normal wash routine with Dawn blue dish soap (1-2T). Extra rinses until no more bubbles.

Favorite diaper cream: CJ's Butter was our favorite until recently when we made our own, it also requires no liner and is cloth safe!! CJ's Butter Spritz is liquid and sprayable. This means no more rubbing on the cream. We have used it with every diaper change and having amazing results. They also make a Spritz Plus which helps clear up any rash you may have and helps prevent and treat yeast. If Nolan gets a rash and it's too late for prevention I've found the quickest cure to be a cream with tea tree oil. It heals open sores fast!

Diapers we own: BumGenius 3.0, 4.0, and Flip, Tender Tushies, Happy Heiney, Kawaii and Kawaii Goodnights, FuzziBunz Perfect Size and One Size, Grovia AIO and shell system, BabyKicks 3.0, prefolds, Thirsties duo covers, itti bitti tutto One Size, WAHM diaper by Two Hip Peas in a Pod, and a few random diapers that don't get used much!! I recently added some Alva's and SunBaby's in order to try them out. Blog posts coming soon!

Cheapest diaper that still works: Tender Tushies and Kawaii

Spray, scrape, or dip??: We have a homemade diaper sprayer to clean soiled diapers but I truthfully try to dump the diaper mostly.

Tricks of the trade: Storing the inserts separately from the pocket covers (two buckets) and washing separately can be a way to deal with diapers still smelly after washing. The pocket covers don't need as much washing to get clean so they will wear out less if washed separately from inserts.

Once my son's urine became much stronger, I started rinsing the inserts in the bath tub before placing in the washing machine. This meant fewer wash cycles and much cleaner diapers but became not needed once I moved to a top loader machine with capability to soak the diapers!

I use Biokleen Bac-Out foaming spray on really yucky diapers and spray a squirt or two in the pails for freshness as needed. This is a great natural cleaner and is diaper safe. Good for soaking too and will even clean your house and carpet!