Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playing in the...


Now that Nolan is eating solids his easy-peasy breastfed baby poops have disappeared only to be replaced by gooey, stinky "bigger" kid poo. For disposable diapers this doesn't matter, but for cloth diapers it signals a change.

Gone are the days that I could just throw diaper and all into the wash with no concern for the poo. Now, I have to rinse off or scrape it off first. As an aside did you know that disposable diaper users are supposed to empty the diaper of poo and flush it before disposing? Yep, landfills aren't supposed to have human waste. It's biohazard!

Luckily he still only goes once or twice a week but yesterday's mess was enough to make me look for solutions. I tried flushing the toilet and swishing the diaper to no avail.I had enough of playing in the toilet so today I went to Lowe's and tried my hand at plumbing.

I made a do-it-yourself diaper sprayer which is hooked up to the water valve on the toilet. Here's my final product!

Check out this blog (Gidget Goes Home) for more details. Mine is similar but not exact. It wasn't too hard but I did have to improvise a bit.

We'll find out in a few days how well it works but for now it is plumbed and not leaking and the shut off valve works great!


  1. wow, I'm impressed. If you can make it all non-yucky for me, I'll do cloth diapers.

  2. I had no idea you were supposed to rid a sposie of poo first too! But it makes sense---

    BTW, you're lucky Nolan only goes once or twice a week---Zackary is still going three times a day! There's a lot of poo scraping going on at my house!