Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I made my first post baby dive last weekend. It had been well over a year since I last dove, as I stopped before we started trying to conceive. I did a short dive with our friend Ben to "get my feet wet". Luckily, I didn't literally get my feet wet as my drysuit seals held!

Tim and Ben dove a real cave dive first while Nolan and I dodged mosquitoes. I did see one or two on him and swatted them but luckily no bites appeared on him. I'm positively thinking that he got his mosquito repellent nature from me instead of Tim's extreme allergy!

Here the two boys are together before Tim's dive.

My dive went okay but I stayed in the cavern area and got used to everything again before venturing inside the caves. I'm sure if my cave instructor was watching, it was horrendous (poor trim and bouyancy!), but Ben said it wasn't too bad! 

When we exited the cavern and popped up on the surface Tim saw us and walked down the stairs to the spring edge with Nolan. I was so busy thinking about everything I was doing diving I hadn't had time to think much about Nolan. Considering he is usually all I think about every day all day long, it was a really weird sensation when I saw him on the surface waiting for me and realized I hadn't been thinking about him.

I said his name and he looked around and started crying the most pathetic, sad cry. He heard his mommy but couldn't see her. He continued fussing while Tim held him until I was fully out of my gear and back in street clothes. So weird that he is fine with Tim in gear but couldn't handle his mommy not looking the same.

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