Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nolan Meets the World!

This is a quick disjointed post to cover our whirlwind trip! Nolan made his first airplane flight last week. We flew alone on our flight to Indiana and then flew home with hubby. Nol was amazing on the flights there, not making a sound. On the flight home he fussed a little but was very well behaved.

Nolan had started becoming a little weary of strangers before our trip so I was worried that he might be upset meeting lots of new people. Apparently he completely forgot to be scared by strangers and was just great with lots of new people holding him!

In one week Nolan flew (two flights each with a connection), drove from central Indiana to central Illinois and back, attended a wedding at a vineyard, drove to northern Indiana, went to his first farm, and met and was held by LOTS of new people. That is a pretty monumental week for a six month old.

Nolan's favorite part of the wedding was once the music started and dancing began. He had a blast and was up way past his bedtime!!

Now we are back home trying to catch up on sleep and get back into our routine!

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