Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Emergency Phone List

Nowadays all of our phone numbers are saved in each individual phone. While it's convenient, it means most of us no longer have important information memorized. Every time I leave my kiddos, I make sure the person has my phone number saved in their phone. What about other important numbers though? or backup numbers?

Enter the emergency phone list. I saw this item up for a giveaway over at Who Poo'd and entered. It's a simple concept but a fun product.

It sticks onto most surfaces such as cabinets, the fridge, etc. yet is still removable and replaceable. You write on it with a permanent marker, fine tip, and can update and remove info with rubbing alcohol. Ours is on the side of our refrigerator where it doesn't detract from the kitchen aesthetics yet is easily visible in a time of need. Great idea and so glad I won!!