Friday, April 24, 2015

Reusable Pouches!

I've been meaning to consolidate all my favorites on baby food and big kid puree feeding into one post so here goes. When Nolan was just a baby I was always telling Tim how neat it would be if they had reusable something similar to the applesauce and babyhood pouches that were just hitting the market. one day we were in Babies r Us and I saw the first one. I seriously texted the picture to everyone I could and bought the overpriced $20+ dollar silicone Beaba brand pouch. Sadly, although I tried often Nolan never took to it. It was hard to suck from unlike the store bought disposable ones and had a huge capacity so either I kept it half full or I wasted a bunch. It was relegated to the closet and life went on.

When it came time for Carter to start solids we got lucky.  I won an Infantino test party to try out their Fresh Squeeze system. You can see the full review here.  We still use it and plan to again with Oliver. Since then I've learned to love the reusable zippered pouches. I have two favorite brands but there are tons on the market and all are similar. Big things to consider when purchasing is ease of cleaning and size. Larger isn't always better! I do love having one or two large pouches perfect for taking smoothies on the go. Otherwise the standard size works great for babies, toddlers, and school aged lunch boxes. I've also made ahead large batches and froze directly in both of my recommended pouches (below). They worked perfectly and stored nicely no leaking.

Yummi Pouches and U-Fill are my favorite. U-Fill are most affordable at only $1 a piece when purchased in bulk but Yummi pouches are cute and stylish. The side nozzle on the decorative Yummi pouches is also very easy for all of mine to eat from in case you're wondering. I've done a few large orders and it's always easy to get a few friends to go in on the 100-pk.

Nolan with the smoothie size pouch.

In another 3 short months we'll start on the journey of solids with Oliver and I'm sure I'll have fun recipes posts again!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

It's been a hectic few weeks (8 to be exact!) since I've made it back to my blog to update. Baby O is doing great and is 9 weeks old now.

We made our big relocation but are still in limbo while we wait to get the perfect house. That means all my cooking is happening with limited kitchen space and equipment. Without my normal pantry space and stockpile, I have to be a bit inventive and somewhat simplistic too. I've been pretty good about planning our meals each week and figured I could share them here and look back when I need more ideas in upcoming weeks. So here goes... our week in meals!!

   Mexican Soup 

Okay so there are only three days planned. This week Tuesday we have plans so it will be leftover night (thank you Easter meal!!). Also, I don't normal plan for Friday and Saturday meals as we often eat out and Sunday Tim and I usually figure out together. 

Here are a few past weeks too!

   Mexican Casserole (see recipe below)
   Turkey Shepherds Pie (see recipe below)

Mexican Casserole
  I have a inch of variation so this I cook so here is the one I cooked this week. 

2 chicken breasts cooked all day on low in crockpot
1 packet taco seasoning
1 can corn
1 can black beans
1 packet of cream cheese

After chicken is cooked, shred and put back in crackpot on low. Add in cream cheese, corn, and black beans and stir until cheese is melted. Serve over white rice. 

Turkey Shepherd's Pie
  This is great with group beef also. 

1lb turkey
worchestershire sauce
frozen mixed vegetables
cheddar cheese

Brown turkey and drain. Sauté onions. Season with Worcestershire sauce (1tbsp minimum I like more) and garlic. Add in frozen mixed vegetables and cook until defrosted. Boil potatoes and mash. Season with butter and salt. In a large casserole dish layer meat/veggie mix then potatoes on top. Bake at 350 degrees until warmed throughout and then top with cheddar cheese until bubbly.