Thursday, April 19, 2012

Progress on the Potty!!

So for the past few months we've sat Nolan on the potty, talked a bunch about it but never has he actually gone. He has told me after the fact in his diaper when he is pooped. Tuesday PM he asked to sit on his potty (pretty usual) after he saw me go. I put him on and told him to try to make pee come out and suddenly to both of our surprise he did!!

You could tell he was pretty astonished but after the clapping and hooraying (he tells himself hooray) was over he knew finally how to make himself go. He got a big treat to forever cement in his head how excited I was. That night as I tried to make dinner, Nolan asked to go potty about every ten minutes and successfully would force a little out. All in the name of a treat! We've since moved down to one little treat, spice drop candy or sixlet, but his fascination has continued. In the past few days, we've made great progress!!

Moments after using the potty for the first time!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Disney Days

Late last year you'll remember I blogged about winning tickets to Disney. We won four one day passes and since Nolan is under 3 and still free it meant Tim and I could go for two days free. With the pregnancy we hadn't gotten around to using the passes yet and were dreading doing so in the middle of summer but also needed to use them before Nolan turns 3. The perfect opportunity came along.

Our good friends, who we see far to infrequently, came to Orlando from Wichita for a conference. Arriving early gave them a few fun days to play. We prepped Nolan for a few days ahead of time telling him he was going to see the Mouse.

Tuesday we all went to Magic Kingdom and Wednesday to Animal Kingdom. It was a lot of fun but so darn busy. As Floridians we can pick and choose when to go but unfortunately our friend's trip coincided with the Spring Break season. People everywhere!!! Still we had a lot of fun!

Nolan on Main St. watching Pluto

Using "Boom Booms" on the space invaders...I won!

Safari time with the cheesemeister Nolan

Waiting to fly with the dinos

...not to mention on the drive home we made our big IKEA trip to get everything for Nolan's big boy room. Pics and blog on that to come soon!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Charlie's Little Ark!!

My good friend over at Charlie's Little Ark recently ran a fun giveaway on her blog. Excited at the prospect of winning Carter some awesome items we entered! I was the lucky winner and just last week we received our goodies. They are so adorable and the first cute little baby things we have for our new boy. In all, I won a chocolate minky/tan and ivory baby blanket, an envelope style diaper clutch, a changing pad, and a pacifier clip.

If you need any baby, toddler or child items be sure to check out her Etsy shop. It's filled with cute items. Just this week I saw adorable and wipe-able toddler aprons in cute prints!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carter Ridley!

I got to see our little man again this week. He's grown like crazy and is measuring slightly ahead. He was very much still all boy!