Thursday, April 19, 2012

Progress on the Potty!!

So for the past few months we've sat Nolan on the potty, talked a bunch about it but never has he actually gone. He has told me after the fact in his diaper when he is pooped. Tuesday PM he asked to sit on his potty (pretty usual) after he saw me go. I put him on and told him to try to make pee come out and suddenly to both of our surprise he did!!

You could tell he was pretty astonished but after the clapping and hooraying (he tells himself hooray) was over he knew finally how to make himself go. He got a big treat to forever cement in his head how excited I was. That night as I tried to make dinner, Nolan asked to go potty about every ten minutes and successfully would force a little out. All in the name of a treat! We've since moved down to one little treat, spice drop candy or sixlet, but his fascination has continued. In the past few days, we've made great progress!!

Moments after using the potty for the first time!!

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