Thursday, June 24, 2010

My tiny little termite...

So Nolan has finally decided to combine two of his skills. I caught him gnawing on his crib while standing in it yesterday before his nap. We purchased a nice convertible crib and plan to use it as a toddler bed and full size bed so teeth marks really weren't part of the design.

I had previously seen this gummy rail cover you can apply so we did an emergency trip to Babies R Us before bedtime. Unfortunately, the railings are packaged in 50" segments. To do the long front side and the two shorter sides I would need at least 2 packages and even that left one side a little short. The railing weren't cheap at $27 a package but replacing his bed would be much more expensive.

I installed them and Nolan approves!

While I was folding laundry in his room today, Nolan found the side that isn't fully protected but since it faces away from the door and into the corner I don't think he will usually stand there.

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  1. Man---he is so cute Miranda! I love the "what mom?" look.