Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random thoughts in the early morning...

I just called Nolan over to me and he crawled hand over foot (no bunny hops or belly scoots) and ended up in my arms 8 feet away.

My baby gives great kisses now.

Sometimes he gets distracted while kissing and chews on noses.

The number six key above my keyboard no longer works since a pile of dog drool was found on the laptop. Good thing there is a number pads next to the keyboard.

I can officially ask for a high chair in a restaurant and use a cart in the grocery store.

A smiling, propped up in a crawl baby is waiting for me in his crib every morning.

The horribly humid weather is officially back.

Our single stair has been 50% conquered. We can stand up against it and get half way up it in a crawl.

I have a super sweaty baby who isn't a fan of hot weather.

We did our first bit of babyproofing.

We need to do a lot more!

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