Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Stash

I love my cloth diapers! Yes, I'm addicted to buying them but even though I own more than are absolutely necessary I've still saved over disposable! I decided to take a picture of all I own and count them after I did a big clean and soak this last week. People have asked how many diapers I own and I honestly wasn't sure. Turns out it is a bit more than I thought.

The final totals include:
21 BumGenius OneSize (3.0 and 4.0)
5 FuzziBunz (Perfect Size M and OneSize)
3 Happy Heiney OneSize
2 Babykicks 3.0 OneSize
1 Grovia All-in-one
1 Kawaii OneSize

the above diapers get me through washing only every 5-6 days and still having a few diapers clean. Besides this I have my newborn prefolds and covers and toddler prefolds and covers plus extra inserts and such!

I definitely did not have this many diapers to start out with. I buy as we go and as they are on sale. I got five of these absolutely free and a steep discount on quite a few more. A local diaper seller changed ownership and clearanced out a lot of diapers meaning great deals for me! I also bought some on the baby half off sites like and

To add to my stash, here is my latest diaper which hasn't yet arrived. I can't wait to see how nice and cute it is! It was made by a work at home mom who runs Two Hip Peas in a Pod.

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