Friday, May 6, 2011

Nolan and the Nebulizer

My little boy has been sick this week. That has meant a lot of indoor time away from his baby friends. I think he is starting to get restless. Tuesday he was diagnosed with his first ever ear infection. Last week at his 18mo checkup his ears were a little red and we started preventatively using garlic oil but apparently it wasn't enough. One was much worse this week. He got his first dose of antibiotics and so far no penicillin allergy like his grandma and dad.

After two days on the antibiotics he developed a pretty nasty cough. Back to the doctor we went. There was a little concern because he was getting worse instead of better with the treatment we were doing. The doctor recommended breathing treatments with saline to moisten his passages and loosen the congestion. This is where Margie Moo came in.

 Maggie Moo is Nolan's new nebulizer. For such a  loud scary machine he is getting used to it and sometimes has fun using it too! Hopefully just a few more days and he'll be back to his good ole self!!


  1. Sorry to see the little guy sick!! Glad he hasn't shown signs of penicillin allergy. I am also allergic to penicillin, something that developed over time. I was able to take it until about age 10 then became allergic. Hopefully he will not develop it.

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