Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mrs. Kate comes to play

I remember when I was a youngin going to see Raffi play in concert with my mom. I always enjoyed children's music and Nolan does too. He stomps his foot and bounces to dance. Because of this, I wanted to find a way to have a fun music themed play date for my mom's group. Today it all came together.

I found Mrs. Kate Carpenter, a local musician, who performs folk and family songs and eventually got all the details worked out. Today 20 moms and their kids gathered for our fun play date. Nolan had a blast. His buddies loved it too and they even tried out Mrs. Kate's microphone. Lucky Nolan even left with his own rain stick and a few shakers. He spent the afternoon back at home trying it out.

Even baby Brooklynn got in on the fun. She went to the playdate with us. When I was demonstrating the motions she sat in the bumbo watching and clapping along. She even did some fun dancing and clapping in my arms too. Unfortunately, I had to demo motions and was running from the front of the room back to the 2 kiddos in the front row so no extensive picture taking during the event! Here is one another momma shot.

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  1. This was a great playdate. Thank you for pulling it all together so nicely.