Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ultrasound, barium, and X-ray oh my!!

Monday started the testing Nolan's GI specialist requested. We had to be at Wolfson's Children's Hospital that morning and he could not have food or drink after midnight Sunday. Amazingly, he only woke once after midnight (and once at 11:45!) asking to nurse. Since we were on the go Monday morning he also didn't seem to notice I hadn't fed him breakfast either.

The ultrasound was much like any ultrasound where they simply use the little wand with petroleum jelly. However to Nolan it might as well have been a sharp blade. He was terrified of he entire process and it took an extra nurse to help me hold him. It was pretty heart wrenching to hear his screams but I knew he wasn't being harmed. As soon as it was done he calmed and loved playing in his cute little gown in the waiting room.

Then the real I mean fun began. Nolan had to drink a few ounces of barium in order to have a series of Xrays and live imaging done. I warned everyone he probably wouldn't drink any of it and i was right. he spit the first few ounces on everyone in sight and all equipment. The sippy cup was a no go and even with a syringe he would take more than a swallow. They were able to get the first series which highlight his upper GI while he is actually drinking and we went back out to the waiting room to let him play and coax him in to drinking more. This process repeated itself a bunch and finally during one of our play sessions moments before the doctor was going to tube him to get enough liquid in, he started drinking it!! I have no idea what possessed him to do so but was super thankful! He ingested enough that the imaging could continue and no tubing was neccessary.

We won't have any results until I go discuss with the specialist on the 30th. Between now and then he is having blood drawn and a urinalysis done. We also got our referral for a nutritionist to help me make the few bites he will take as healthy and calorie laden as possible. Unfortunately it isn't until late September!! I'm going to have our pediatrician call and get it moved up as 4 months is waaay to long! Well that's our update for now. Off to change a white poop diaper....yum barium.

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  1. I know the day was miserable for you, but goodness he sure does look cute!