Friday, August 13, 2010

On the fence...

So, you're on the fence about cloth diapering? Here are some of the reasons why I made the leap. For more statistical and referenced reasons visit: Diaper Facts

1.) It saves money! Spread out the investment through the last trimester of pregnancy and use any baby shower gift cards to buy your reusable diapers. After the newborn stage (8+lbs baby), you can get away with about 18 diapers. My favorite diapers cost $17 at full price with no discounts for a grand total right over $300. These diapers go from 8lbs to 35lbs! Cloth diapers kept in good condition have a resale value and nice diapers can be bought used.

2.) They are so cute. Could you do this otherwise and have such a fun shot?
Nolan in a BumGenius 3.0 one-size diaper

 3.) Your crafty friends and family can actually help you make diapers. Yep this one was hand made by me!

4.) You're going to spend the money regardless. Why throw it away? Buying cloth diapers is actually fun and satisfies that urge to shop!!

5.) They are better for the environment! It takes forever, yes 200 to 500 years is forever to me, for a disposable diaper to decompose. Did you know you are supposed to be scraping all that poo out of the disposable and into the toilet before placing it in a landfill? If not, it's considered hazardous waste.

6.) Babylegs!! Google if you don't know what these are. They are the cutest.
Nolan wore a onesie over his diaper in this picture but Babylegs 
and a cloth diaper make the perfect summer outfit for a crawler.

7.) Cloth diapers are more breathable and place less/no chemicals next to baby's bottom. 

Nolan in a FuzziBunz one-size
Nolan in a FuzziBunz one-size

....stay tuned for the next post which discusses the many myths of cloth diapering! Just in case you can't wait... yes, they are easy to wash!

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