Monday, August 30, 2010

Word Context

I'm not really sure when babies begin to understand the babble they are sputtering or when they say real words but Nolan definitely uses Mama and Dada now. He's been saying da-da since around six months but every time Tim is home I make a point of always referring to him as Dada to Nolan hoping he will pick up that it is a real word with meaning. It's worked! He doesn't babble dada all week but Friday morning as soon as he sees Daddy he says it with a big smile on his face!

I wanted him to say Mama but that took quite a bit longer. Now though he says it numerous times a day! I've learned to be careful what I wish for because every time he is upset or wants to be picked up all I hear is "Mamamama" and this pitifully sad little face stares up at me. I must say it usually works for him though!!

Yesterday, I put him into his play room and went to let the dogs out when Tim and I both heard "Mama Dada" and a tiny tear slide down his cheek. Yep, he got picked up and didn't have to play all by himself for a whole 2 minutes which was apparently unbearable.
Isn't his pouty face so cute?

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