Thursday, August 5, 2010


Now that Nollie's best buddy and mommy's good friend are moving out of state, we have to find some new fun activities to do! Nolan and I have tried out the library's Mother Goose Storytime the past few weeks. We sing songs and read books with other babies under 18 months. Nolan gets excited and jumps and screeches when we get there!

I also scoped out Groupon a few weeks ago and scored a Gymboree membership. Instead of the normal $40 lifetime membership fee and $60 a month for each class, we paid $35 total and it covered the lifetime membership and the one month of class. Unlimited free open gym playtimes are included along with the class. They hold those for two hours three days a week.

This was our first week for class and play time and Nolan had a blast. He loves getting free range of such a big place and watches the other children. In his class, everyone is about the same age but during play time he has big kids to learn from.

Here are a few shots from his fun time this week.
He did try to sit down while going up the incline and wondered why he toppled backwards!

  A moment of stillness after our fun parachute time.

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