Monday, October 15, 2012

Stash Update

New baby means new diapers, right? Well, sort of. I haven't been able to rein myself in entirely but for the most part we are able to completely use the diapers I bought for Nolan. Just one of the many reasons cloth is so great.

I did just recently try out a brand new diaper. My friend sells them and they are called Tender Tushies (TT). She has skinny kiddos too so it was great to see how they worked on her little ones ahead of time. I got my first three in the mail last week and they already fit Carter. He's able to fit into most of my one size diapers now but they still tend to wick or leak at the legs because they don't quite go tiny enough there. Not the case with the Tender Tushies. The TT's have an extra thigh area snap that helps keep them snug fitting where he needs it the most, around his skinny chicken legs! They also have crossover snaps at the top which let you tighten much smaller around the waist. of course I haven't yet mentioned the best part! They come is super cute prints. Right now Carter has trucks, sports them, plus soccer balls he can wear to cheer on his brother when he starts munchkin soccer in a month.

So here is my updated current diaper stash. This doesn't, of course, count the numerous dozens of prefolds and their covers I have too.

22 BumGenius One Size (3.0 and 4.0)
3 Happy Heineys
3 WAHM (work at home mom diapers)
7 Kawaii GoodNights
2 Kawaii
2 BabyKicks
1 Grovia AIO (all in one)
1 Itty Bitty Tutto
4 BumGenius Flip Covers and many inserts
3 Tender Tushies
4 Fuzzi Buns

Yay! Love our cloth and so happy to see it getting used again!

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