Thursday, October 25, 2012

Super Third Birthday

Nolan's super third birthday party was this past weekend. He had such a great time and is talking about it every day. This year I did a superhero theme. It was lots of work for both me and Tim but so worth it to see the look on our little boy's face.

Tim smoked the meat ahead of time so we had amazing BBQ (chicken and pork). I made 80 cupcakes with some help from visiting family. That was a last minute addition since the birthday boy insisted. I planned to only do an ice cream sundae bar complete with lots of toppings. However, whenever I asked Nolan what he wanted for his birthday he told me cake, balloons, and yellow presents. He talked about cake all the time so I couldn't not have cake for him. Gluten free cupcakes (for him) and funfetti ones for everyone else to the rescue!

All the children including the 4 newborns present got their own custom superhero cape to join in the play!

I planned a few fun games. Shoot the bad guys with silly string, pin the badge on Super Nolan, and deactivate the bombs. The kids LOVED wearing the blindfold I made and trying to stick the post it notes to Nolan's large picture. Everyone wanted to play it more than once. The bomb game was hilarious. Tim and our buddy Ben dropped 45 black balloons for the kids to pop. Our grass had other plans and immediately started randomly popping them. The kids were running around in a frenzy thinking they were actually popping the balloons. Adorable! Then since they are so young and helpful they made a game out of cleaning up the yard!

Shoot the villains (with silly string)

Pin the superhero badge on Nolan

Deactivate the bombs!!

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