Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kitchen Kollage

My newest home decor project is finished and I just love it!!! Our kitchen eat in area was pretty blank and is such a visible area in the house. I wanted something artsy but not too overboard. I might have went overboard though!

I got the idea to feature pictures of our family using the dining area. What's cuter than a messy baby or toddler? I searched my thousands of pictures for the ones of messy Nolan, picked out my favorite, and converted them to black and white. Avoiding the color helps keep the collage looking more like decoration or artwork than just another area I'm hanging pictures of my baby! It almost blends in and until you actually concentrate on the individual pictures you don't even realize it's of our messy little boy.

After finishing the hanging, Tim says "It's kinda creepy having so many pictures of Nolan." Eventually, half of these will be replaced with pictures of messy Carter. None of him eating now though as I figured I'd spare my dining table the view of my little one on my boob! We'll wait until he does solids! Don't worry, color is coming in on the other side once I finish that project!

Now for the how to... this wall is very large so I went with 5" by 7" pictures. I simply ordered them from which was cheapest. I wouldn't normally print photos I wanted to hang from the non photography sites because quality and color calibration is so off but with this it wasn't as important. The frames are wooden and from the dollar store! It couldn't get any cheaper and they are definitely adequate for the job. Thanks to my wonderful hubby for hanging all of these in my exact pattern!

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