Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My how the time flies when you go a flying.

It's been a little while since I blogged so here goes. Nolan and I went to Wichita to visit family at the beginning of July. We flew both there and back alone but met daddy at our destination. Nolan did great but it is definitely more difficult to contain an 8 month old to one plane seat on my lap than it was to hold a 6 month old.

While in Wichita I left Nolan for what felt like the first (and second) real time. Truth be told he had been left with daddy twice for less than 2 hours each and once left for less than 30 min while he was sleeping with Grandpa and Grandma LeMaster while we quickly ran to Walmart. It's hard to leave him when he won't take a bottle and eats really frequently. This time though it was to go out to dinner one night and a few days later see a movie!

I put Nolan to bed before we headed out to dinner and we weren't gone long. When we got back he was up playing with Grandma, two of his aunts, and his cousin. The second time we saw Eclipse in the Director's Suite at a great theatre in Wichita. It is completely private but in the same building as the regular theatre and you ride up a back elevator to get there. The theater seats 22 but we were two of four people in there. A full menu and alcohol is served and you sit in awesome reclining leather chairs. It was only 15 dollars a person which is two more than a movie here in Jacksonville in the evening. If all theaters were like this, we would go much more often!

Overall, he was great and "flirted" with all of the ladies the entire trip. Nolan likes to smile real big, then become bashful and lay against me, then smile back at the women as they coo over him. I didn't get Nol to bed until 1am the night we returned and he slept (with many wakings of course) until 9:45 the next day!!

Also our backyard remodel has ramped up another level. The patio was removed and replaced this week. A new post with before and after pictures is coming. I need to level the dirt around it once it cures and then it's time for sod/seed! Can't wait to host our first pool party on the new patio!!

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