Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh to be a...


Nolan and I went with our Mom's group yesterday to O2B Kids. I wasn't sure what all they had but I knew the day would start with a puppet show then some free play time.

The place was amazing. I'm still gushing about it because we had such fun. As members, every Tuesday and Thursday they have a play group day. Basically starting at 10 for an hour they have different activities based on the ages of the children. Yesterday as guests we got to participate in everything and get a feel for the place.

We started with a morning puppet show that introduced songs, rhymes, letter and numbers. Nolan had fun and was ready to run up on the little stage himself. Next, was art class which I was a little leery about. I've wanted to start doing such things at home but still was afraid he was too young. Although he enjoyed the Play-doh toys more than the actual dough I was just glad he didn't eat it (yes, he chewed on some of the toys)!

 Seeing my little baby sitting on a big boy chair was definitely adorable too.

 They had a fun "sand table" which was an idea we might borrow for home. In "sand" consisting of rice and pasta noodles of various sizes and shapes were different digging and scooping toys. It was much cleaner than sand and probably safer if eaten too!

We then got some energy out in the gym. This tumble area had a great running trampoline, a balance beam, and lots of fun foam shapes to climb. It was a blast and by the end Nolan would even jump a bit on the trampoline. He was a jumper as a baby in his different toys but now that he walks it is really a difficult skill to master. I was glad to see him trying.

We finished up our day with some free play in the toddler area. There were plenty of toys to climb on and explore here and a nice area for moms to sit and relax!

This last picture says it all... WE HAD FUN!!!

P.S. Anyone know how to put two pictures side by side in Blogger?

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  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun!
    To enable two pictures side by side you have to go into the code on the blog editor page and change the code around. It is not too difficult. Look for where they reference the picure, it will be ###jpeg, it will have location and reference numbers in pixels for the locations of the pic. Play with the location and reference numbers until you get what you are after.