Thursday, January 13, 2011


Nolan has been a blanket fan since he was pretty tiny. In the beginning his blanket was easier than a toy to grasp so he could play with it when toys were not yet manageable. I tried to push two different blankets in the hopes he would pick one of those as his favorite and one of these two would eventually become his "blankie". They were both super cute and tiny too! Much easier to manage than a full size blanket when your baby wants to drag it everywhere.

The first was made by Nolan's Great-Aunt and has fun tags along the edges. It was his favorite for quite some time and you could always find him playing with the ribbon tags (and still can). I really thought this was the forerunner for the title blankie as Nolan would always be sure to grab it. It was one of the first things he grasped and even at a few weeks old he managed to keep it in his hands.

The second was given to Nolan by his Aunt and Uncle Cindy and Mike. It silky on one side and soft on the other and has a monkey head attached to it. Nolan loved the idea of toy and blanket combined into one and would gnaw on the monkey every chance he got.

I'm sure you're at the edge of your seat wondering which one he picked, right? I think we have finally determined who the winner is. Of course, it's neither listed above! It's just one blanket in his stash that I happened to cover him up with at night and it somehow made the rotation more than the others.

How do I know he has chosen? Last night after not feeling so well, Nol had to have an emergency bath. The process of removing him from his blankie was so upsetting that he was hysterical the 5 minutes it took to bathe him and clean of his blankie so it was at least bearable for him to sleep with. I've noticed for a while he tries to sneak his bed blanket and pacifier out of his crib when he gets up for the day. Only now that he was feeling bad it became apparent that he had to have that specific blankie! I also have found him pulling the blanket through the crib slots when I put it in the crib for the day.

Here it is.

I ordered two more today so when nastiness happens and I have to take it away at 9 pm he isn't hysterical. It's cute but of course not portable size!! Nolan still grabs his favorite tag along blankets and loves to play with those when mean mommy makes him keep his blankie in bed!

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