Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crappy start to a day

So on the way to our playdate this morning to which I am hauling a ton of stuff, Nolan takes off running and unbeknownst to me steps in dog poo. I throw the 20lbs of rice, water table, 0 boxes of macroni, and completed clay handprint tiles in the car and run to him. As I pick him up to put him in the car he squirms and carries on as usual. I manage to get him strapped in before I start to smell it. It immediately dawns on me that someones shoe is dirty. I'm praying it's me but know it's not.

That's when I notice the entire car seat is smeared. Yep, my 3 month old pleather interior has poo on it! I look down and of course my squirmy child has covered me in it too. I immediately get his shoe off, wipe the car down, and head inside. We both get clean, wash his shoes, and try again to leave the house. It's amazing we made it to our event!!

What a messy start to our day!

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