Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teaching Tots!

I'm hosting our TotSchool meeting tomorrow. I've been planning for a few weeks and it all just came together tonight. This week is our field trip week but we're not doing an actual tour or such as being our 4th week in we didn't have quite the planning time. So instead we're having our fun outdoors at a local park. I'll have stations set up all pertaining to the Letter D. It's more play than some of our indoor events and the arts and crafts portions will take home. That required a bit of prep!

This motivated me to build my flannel story board I've been wanting to make. It was very simple to create and by making it I save a lot of money! Tomorrow we'll be singing a fun duck song/story and using it for the first time. It was a bit tedious cutting out so many ducks but the kids will love getting to play along. Nolan helped me place them all onto the board for a good pic.

We'll be having a dinosaur themed moon sand filled sensory table. Our water table will be "D is for Dishes" and full of plates, cups, and fun sponges. We'll be playing dress up and tossing bean bags in to a giant letter D. Fun songs and books will wrap everything together. Let's hope it goes well!!

**update** Here is another item I made for the board. I painted the turtle face on with acrylic paint and sewed on the carapace (shell) and stitched to make the scutes (scales) divisions. More to come soon!

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