Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big boy room coming soon!!

One of the fun things we'll be doing soon is converting Nolan's nursery into his big boy room. We'll need his crib this summer and well let's face it he can't stay in there forever! I have grand ideas but finding everything that fits together and getting it done before I get huge is going to be a big task. I've decided on the new theme. We're going to be doing a transportation themed room. Nol is obsessed with trains, planes, cars, boats, and more. Just seeing my Pinterest board for his new room has gotten him excited and running around the house yelling "Cars. Vroom Vroom."

Nolan's new bed is from IKEA (Kura line). It will start out as the first picture shows low to the ground and safe. Then once he is old enough, it converts to a lofted bed with a fun play/read area underneath. I'm in love with this bed. Unfortunately, I am not in love with IKEA's bedding. They have amazing comforters that require duvets. They are big fluffy white comforters that you cover with a sort of pillow case. The issue isn't with the duvets it's with the covers. The only cover that fits our room's theme is mainly white. White fabric and a young boy just don't mix!

I found this great bedding print but unfortunately it doesn't come in just a duvet cover. If I use a twin comforter instead of a duvet it will hang over the sides of the bed and just not fit very well. S before I can begin to think about painting and such I have to tie down the bedding for certain. I can't decide if I go for an ill fitting comforter, a not so perfect but nice fitting duvet and cover, or spend hours more searching for the perfect fabric.

If only I could purchase just the fabric from this comforter and make my own duvet cover! I've got everyone I know searching for large print fabric but have only come across the typical cars and trucks fabric with 1-3" cars on it. Way too tiny for make a statement bedding. So when you find that perfect fabric or perfect duvet cover let me know!!

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  1. We have a toddler bed from Ikea and the comforter that we got to go with it is twin sized (also from ikea). it's bigger than the bed, but that doesn't bother me at all. when he's not in his bed we kind of fold it up so that it fits on there. Also as I kid I always slept under down comforters. My mom made several covers for them when I was young.