Monday, July 16, 2012


The other night after waking up very late from his nap, we had a cranky toddler on our hands. He didn't want to eat dinner or really do anything. We finally got him to sit down at the table when he realized I had a baked potato and he didn't. Usually this is the norm since he won't eat one no matter what. He asked for one so I cut mine and put it on his plate. Since it was my food though it was piping hot and hadn't been cooling like his own plate. The potato steamed as I sat it on his plate and I told him it was hot. About 20 seconds later the steam stopped and the tears started. It took us a few minutes to figure out why he was crying but for the next 10 minutes he kept saying "Where my hot go mommy?" "I need my hot" and refusing to eat or do anything but cry. Finally, it dawned on me that he was upset his food had stopped steaming! He kept thinking we took his "hot" away and he wanted it back!

Me: Nolan you're face is all red. 
Nolan: No mommy I yellow.

Yellow is his favorite color and apparently in toddler world you should get to be the color you like best!

Nolan: Mommy I yucky eww.
Me: Are you supposed to go poopy in your pants?
Nolan: No mommy. I go yucky eww at park.

He got me there. He did poop at the park!

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  1. Miranda, he looks so big in that picture. No more baby face! That is a big boy face. :)