Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It's been entirely too long since I've blogged but life has been busy. Christmas has come and gone and things are starting to settle down. Hubby took a new job and is now home with us everyday. He works out of our home office so it's not like he's out playing and socializing but he is here if needed. His commute is down from 40 min. each way to a one minute walk out of the office. It's great for all of us!

First Coast Fluff is doing well. I'm just trying to get the word out and spread my love of cloth to others. I'm not gonna lie it's hard to find new customers but once people locate us they seem to love the products! I put together some basic packages for those looking to start cloth diapering affordably. I also attended two holiday bazaars. The second of these I organized and ran myself. It was a huge undertaking from finding a venue, booking other vendors, an getting people in the door. Overall I think it was a success!

My little man is getting bigger everyday. After some weight issues (surprise, surprise) he's up to 12#5oz and two feet long! He can roll front to back and gets almost over from back to front now. Time is flying way too fast and I have to remind myself to cherish every baby moment. Nolan is still an amazing big brother and loves little C.

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