Monday, April 29, 2013

Aaaar Matey!

More pirate-y fun crafts in our household! I've had a giant bin of baby/toddler hats sitting around for ages and finally figured out what to do with them. Boys don't wear bows and I like to accessorize so we have hats a plenty. I made a cute and theme appropriate hat hanger!

The canvas is a simple 20" by 16" canvas I hand painted. I found a neat skull and crossbones online and enlarged it on my screen. Using freezer paper I traced it off the laptop screen at the appropriate size. Then I used an exacto knife to precisely cut out the shape that would stay white. I ironed the freezer paper on to the canvas and although it didn't stick well I used that as a stencil to paint the remainder black.

I took some simple twill webbing and sewed pacifier/suspender clips every 4" on the strand. The strands ends were finished with the sewing machine too so it will hopefully stay nice and last. I then attached the strands to the back of a canvas I painted like the jolly roger flag. I think I might add a few webbing loops in the center to snap/velcro bibs around too. What do you think?

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