Friday, October 4, 2013

Busy Moms and Tots of Jacksonville

Are you looking for a fun playgroup where your children can socialize and you can make new friends? If so, check out Busy Moms and Tots of Jacksonville. This is the playgroup I help organize and as long time members we can't say enough good things about our group. Nolan has grown up with such a great group of kids and now Carter is doing the same. Besides the normal playdates, we do fun things like holiday parties, craft swaps, and preschool learning events.

My latest adventure was coordinating a felt storyboard swap. I created pieces for Bernard Most's book Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?. Nolan loves this story and always makes up his own theories for where the dinosaurs have gone. Here is how the set turned out.

Nine of us participated and each person made nine copies of their project to then swap. I now have nine different unique sets that all go to various great books!!  We've done this for quiet book pages, bows, and even sensory bin contents.

If you're in the Jacksonvill/St. Augustine area and are looking for a playgroup check us out. If not, check in your area for something similar. I'd also love to help anyone who has questions on playdate ideas or group logistics. You can see some of my playdate idea pins on Pinterest.

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