Friday, February 6, 2015

Last Two Weeks... Part three

During this time we talked a bit more about my birth plan. First goal was no csection, top priorities were to get rid of this non labor pain, and of course healthy baby. I wanted a natural birth with no epidural again like with C. To test myself a bit I practiced a simple breath hold and immediately the stabbing was there. Tim and I talked and decided although I could get myself through contractions most likely when it came time to push the other pain was just too intense I wouldn't be able to give it my all. I couldn't have the marathon birth I wanted but honestly I had been through so much and decided to take an epidural soon so I could get back relief and cough. 

At eight pm I called anesthesiology in and explained that I was aiming for a numb back and front rib even more than numb for contractions. We got the epidural and I coughed and literally had tears of joy. I could clear my chest productively for the first time in a week. It was the best feeling and energized me. I could talk to hubby again and felt human. 

Once my BP regulated and everything got back to normal, I let my mom know it'd be hours and likely early morning before I called with the birth news. They checked me at 9 something and I was finally 5cm dilated instead of the normal 3cm. She let me know that when I felt pressure to call. I calmed and relaxed and knew I had made the right choice for me with the epidural. 

Within a very short time of the check, I let Tim know that we were wrong and O wasn't waiting long to come. Pressure was there and I started shivering. I remember that most from my natural birth where the hormones skyrocket. This time it wasn't as strong but it was there. OB came in and went to check me but by simply looking from outside she said "oh yeah he's coming. I need to get dressed." 

This is the time when the ten minutes they took to transform the place was only possible because I had the epidural. I could physically not push him even though I knew he was pushing himself out. Everyone got in position and sadly our nurse was a camera police and instructed Tim no pictures until he was actually out. Tim knew I wanted all I could of every step so he did his best. 

With my feet up and ready I held myself and braced for the pushing. Contraction one I pushed through the three times they request. Contraction two his head came out with push one and all of baby O next push. It went to fast I forgot to ask for a mirror so I could only tell what Tim told me. Oliver Quinn was born at 10:29pm on Friday January 30 and he baked for 39w2d. 

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