Saturday, October 24, 2015

My baby turns 6!!

I can't believe that six years ago this time i was in the hospital 16 hours into labor and wondering how much longer I had to go. He arrived at 5:47pm the next day! Here are a few pictures from our fun celebrating the big guy today. I am now instructed to call him "large Nolan" or "6 year old Nolan".

Ninja masks and paper throwing stars to toss

Build your own swords and fun boxes for the piñata loot

Fighting the bad guys with their swords

Nolan about to get a bad guy Ninja

Ninja Carter

Piñata Time!!


Carter at Bat!!

After - Poor Ninja Piñata 

Make a Wish!!

Yes, it's bigger than him but he's been asking for it for months!

Daddy likes it too!!!

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