Monday, November 9, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

Need some dinner ideas? Here is our plan for the work week.

     - Asian Pork Soup with noodles

     - Taco Tuesday with refried beans

     - Vegetable Korma over rice with homemade Naan

     - Lasagna Soup 
     I put this on our meal board as "Italian Soup" because years ago I made a "white chicken lasagna" and labelled it as lasagna and my hubby, whose favorite dish is lasagna was so disappointed it wasn't the regular kind. Now I only use the word lasagna for our regular version!!

     - Chicken Pot Pie
       for an easy version frozen mixed vegetables, cream of chicken soup, and Pillsbury ready made pie crust over a casserole dish gets you a tasty meal without much effort. I usually make our sauce from scratch but we'll be using the ready made crust this time.

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