Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ubongo Game Time

I recently got to try out Ubongo, a fast paced spatial learning game by Thames & Kosmos, thanks to Tryazon. This is right up Nolan's alley. At school, they play ST Math on iPads and computers which isn't any numerical math but rather spatial puzzles, brain teasers, and such. He begs to do activities like ST Match at home so I'm always on the hunt for fun. He's a whiz at this stuff and way better than any 7 year old should be. He beat me in our first game!

Ubongo uses a gem stone reward system which is a huge hit with elementary school boys. Think Minecraft and Skylanders gem stones and more! You have a minute or so (hourglass timer) so solve a quick tangram puzzle and you're racing your peers. Then the puzzles reset and it all starts over for 10 fast rounds. It doesn't involve reading so although it says ages 8 and up our four year could also slowly work out puzzles and be included. The cards always change and there are two levels of difficulty so it is not a game JUST for younger kids. If you're looking for a game your child will love and you will be happy to play along with them too, this is it!



  1. Hi Miranda, this is Calli Welsch from MIND Research Institute, the non-profit organization that creates ST Math. Thank you for mentioning ST Math so I was able to find this post!

    I will definitely look into Ubongo to see if we need to add it to our big list of math board games: Please check out our blog for more at-home activities. Thank you and keep up the great work! -Calli

    1. I love that you found this post! My son (a first grader) is a huge fan of ST Math! It is amazing and my preschooler is now using it too in his school and so excited. Any resources you can point us to for summertime learning?

      Last year between K and 1st, once the school year was over, his restrictions on ST Math lesson progress were turned off. That meant he continued to work through well into the first grade section. Once school started again his progress was backtracked and he had to "repeat" all the work he had done in the summer. He was in tears and actual hysterics over this. Our school asked the kids to do 30min three times a week all summer and when we actually did he felt punished by being fat paced. Any ideas on how to combat this with summer fast approaching again? He's specifically asked if he can not do ST Math this summer so he doesn't have to repeat it when getting to the new school year. He's finished the first grade year work again and is on "challenges" so I know if he does work in the summer it will be the second grade activities that will then be deleted when school starts. THANK YOU!!