Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Melts my heart

Almost daily Nolan manages to do something that is just ridiculously cute. Here is just a small list of the things that make my heart melt.

Every now and again while nursing I will feel something a little strange. When I look down, I notice Nolan is still nursing but has managed to fit his thumb in his mouth too. Apparently eating and sucking your thumb is the best!

Sometimes when he is nursing, Nolan pulls off, looks at me with the biggest smile ever, and then goes right back to eating. It's like he is saying "Hi, mom!" before he finishes his lunch.

Nolan is starting to get a little fear of strangers, especially men, sometimes it's if someone other than mom or dad is holding him and other times it's because the "stranger" is a bit too close and talking to him. In the moments before his pitiful cries, he looks me in the eyes, curls his little lip up, and the tiniest little tears start streaming down his cheeks. The actual vocal cries don't start for a few more moments.

Here is a pic of how fussy faces can also be cute. 

Every morning when I wake up, I look over into the cradle a few inches away from me. Through the slats is the little man. As soon as he awakens, he looks for me and smiles the biggest smile every morning when he sees his mommy!

Nolan is starting to learn to give kisses. He leans in with an open mouth and when I make kissy sounds or kiss his cheek he giggles.

Besides the common laughs and giggles, Nolan has a deep pitched belly laugh that only lasts a second and sounds like tee-hee-hee. It takes a special funniness to get to hear that noise!

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