Thursday, March 3, 2011


Nolan, our baby friend Brooklynn, and I explored the Jacksonville Zoo yesterday. We heard a few commercials on the radio about dinosaurs invading Jacksonville and thought we'd check them out. As members we got an early free sneak peek. I definitely would recommend spending the extra few dollars and going inside at least once.

"Seriously mom! A bit too close!"
We all had a blast. The dinosaurs were very lifelike. They moved, growled, and even were in a foggy jungle. Nolan growled back at a few of them but of course my attempts to videotape that were a failure. At the end Nolan got his first puppet. He thinks it's hilarious when his Pterodactyl flies around on mom's arm and bites at him!
"Mom look over there."

"Uh Oh Brooklynn. I think we are dinner."

We ended our zoo time with a stop at the playground. There Nolan got caught in a spider's web!

He doesn't always have that goofy "cheese" face on but I seemed to capture it a lot on this trip.

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