Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Playroom!

Nolan got his wish today...well, mom got her wish! Nolan has a new playroom!!

Our dining room area has never been utilized in the 5 years we've lived here. For a while when we first moved in, it was simply storage. Once we got used to living in a smaller house and stopped saving every item we've ever owned, it just sat empty. I've had grand plans for it but for us utilizing it as a dining room just never made sense.

Last week I drew up the plans and Saturday morning we made a spontaneous IKEA trip. Man, I love that store. It's really dangerous to my wallet though so maybe it's a good thing it's 2.5 hours away. I wasn't expecting for the project to go this fast, as I thought we needed to borrow a friend's truck, but everything fit in the FJ.

Here is the before color. As you can see, only the bird cage is in the room. The color on the walls is pretty dark and makes the room cave-like.

Here are a few after shots. Besides the bright playful colors the living room portion that connects here has a much lighter color now too. It feels bright and warm!

You can see one of the magnetic play boards under the window here.

In the background you can see even mom got a new storage end table!
Nolan's comfy chair and bookshelves.

Not bad for starting the painting less than 24 hours before the entire room was finished. I feel like I just got off of an episode of "Trading Spaces" since we did such a whirlwind transformation in 2 days. The first whole day was spent shopping too!

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