Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching Up

I've been a bad blogger recently! Nolan's third Halloween has come and gone and my fifth wedding anniversary too. There's no fun anniversary pictures but Halloween was a blast.

We met up with our friends who have an adorable two and a half year old. She is so sweet with Nolan and I've even caught them kissing already!!

Nolan was a rattlesnake for Halloween. I made him a long tail complete with rattle inside a while ago. I tried to acclimate him to it but at to he is strong willed. During his nap on Halloween I decided I had better make a smaller one or he would likely be going without a costume. Daddy wore the big tail so Nolan wanted to match and wear the baby tail. I knit his little snake eyes hat too and appliqued a snake on his matching shirt.

Nolan as a pro trick or treating for the first time. AT the first house when the door opened he marched right in to the house and took off across the house in to their living room where the TV was running. I was so embarrassed but laughing so hard as I ran to grab him. Luckily we were at our friend's neighbor's house and they loves seeing the little kids! After that I kept a firm hand on his pants and he learned we were just visiting and not entering!! At each and every house the two little ones knocked until someone opened the door. There is no knocking and waiting when you're two!!

Nolan got quite the haul. I'm still polishing all the candy off!!

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  1. That's so funny that Nolan went into people's houses. Our little girl did the same thing! She usually took off into their houses when she saw dogs or cats :)