Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tool Time!!

I came across this blog post yesterday and immediately fell in love with her creative ideas. I'm in the process of starting a quiet book or felt book for Nolan and this is along the same line. Since I had some of the supplies already on hand, I started it immediately. I'm not one for following directions or patterns, so after seeing her great pics I just dove into mine.

I used the freezer paper technique to stencil on the word "tools." Since I don't have a cricut machine I simply used a stencil and a exacto knife to cut out the letters. Two coats of acrylic white paint and it looked great. For my tools so far I've made a wrench, hammer, and screw driver. I'll probably make a saw of some sort soon. I also made one screw and one nail. I stuffed my felt tools so they had a little substance to them and could be manipulated more realistic. For the skinny parts like the screwdriver shaft I placed a plastic straw inside. It gives it enough strength to be pressed and played with but is bendable and safe for in the car use. Once Nolan is up from nap we'll see if he likes it!!

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