Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diet and Doctors!

Keep Nolan in your thoughts tomorrow! He is having an endoscopy done and will be under anesthesia. Momma is a mess but Nolan doesn't know anything is up so he's his normal happy self! They'll be biopsying his esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. No food after midnight and he doesn't go in to the hospital until noon so this should be interesting!

In other news, the results of his food allergy/sensitivity panel (IgG ELISA) came back and Nolan reacted strongly to wheat, gluten, pumpkin, and parsley. There is a larger list of foods he had some reaction too so we'll avoid having him consume lots of those in one sitting but he can still eat those items on occasion. As for the more severe ones, we're going to be restricting them completely for at least 3-6mo before we they to slowly reintroduce them. I'm researching all I can on how to switch us to a gluten free household! That stuff is in everything!!!

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