Friday, January 27, 2012


I came across a fun blog, Delia Creates, not to long ago and loved her I-Spy idea. After talking to a friend of mine I realized it'd be fun to do in collaboration with other moms so the pictured toys were a mix of familiar and unfamiliar items. I set it up as a playdate and the fun day was yesterday.

I decided to do our book by colors and in the end we'd have 9 separate sections. Every mom was instructed to bring a toy of each color. While the kids played, we spread out a white paper and went color by color. It was a lot of fun but time consuming both taking the pictures and then editing. I did the picture taking but had help arranging and had someone to keep an eye on Nolan!!

Now all I have to do is print the pictures and put them into a album so he can start sorting and finding!! I think I might have a nice shutterfly coupon so maybe we'll do a photo book instead!! If you're interested in having any of the pics for your own book, just let me know and I can send you the link!

Orange Search Page

Orange Key - Find me!!

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